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The Factors of Organic Evolution

Spencer Herbert

Theological Essays and Other Papers — Volume 1

Томас де Квинси

Materialized Apparitions: If Not Beings from Another Life, What Are They

Brackett Edward Augustus

A Letter Book

Saintsbury George

The Clyde Mystery

Lang Andrew

The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 02, No. 12, October, 1858


The Works of Edgar Allan Poe – Volume 5

Эдгар Аллан По

Science and Medieval Thought

Allbutt Thomas Clifford


Fletcher Horace

Tobacco and Alcohol

Fiske John

Observations on the Effects of the Corn Laws, and of a Rise or Fall in the Price of Corn on the Agriculture and General Wealth of the Country

Thomas Malthus

The Old Riddle and the Newest Answer

Gerard John

Memory: How to Develop, Train, and Use It

Atkinson William Walker

A History of the French Novel. Volume 1. From the Beginning to 1800

Saintsbury George

A History of Elizabethan Literature

Saintsbury George

Essays on Work and Culture

Hamilton Wright Mabie

Valerius Terminus

Фрэнсис Бэкон