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Здесь находятся книги, которые больше всего похожи на выбранную вами.
В похожести учитывается большое количество факторов - стиль автора, мнения других читателей, тематика, окружение, главные герои, жанр книги и многое другое.

The Sicilian's Wife

Kate Walker

Bound By Their Babies

Caroline Anderson

Taming Dr Tempest

Meredith Webber

A Man of Honour

Caroline Anderson

Cougar: An Erotica Collection

Elizabeth Coldwell

The Party Starts at Midnight

Lucy King

The Devil and Miss Jones

Kate Walker

Burn Me Once / Boardroom Sins

Клэр Коннелли

Bedroom Diplomacy

Michelle Celmer

Ruthless Boss, Hired Wife

Кейт Хьюит

Snowbound With The Boss

Maureen Child

The Wife He's Been Waiting For

Dianne Drake

The Millionaire's Club: Jacob, Logan and Marc: Black-Tie Seduction / Less-than-Innocent Invitation / Strictly Confidential Attraction

Brenda Jackson

Scandal In The Spotlight: The Couple Behind the Headlines / Redemption of a Hollywood Starlet / The Price of Fame

Kimberly Lang

Sleeping With The Enemy

Annie West

Greek Doctor: One Magical Christmas

Meredith Webber

A Gift of Family

Mia Ross

Wedding Party Collection: Once A Bridesmaid...: Here Comes the Bridesmaid / Falling for the Bridesmaid