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В похожести учитывается большое количество факторов - стиль автора, мнения других читателей, тематика, окружение, главные герои, жанр книги и многое другое.

Cathedral Cities of France

Hester Marshall

Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, No. 446


The History of Rome, Book I

Theodor Mommsen

History of the State of California

Frost John

The Drama of the Forests

Arthur Heming

Canada and the British immigrant

Emily Poynton Weaver

Up in the Clouds: Balloon Voyages

Robert Michael Ballantyne

English Traits

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The King Country; or, Explorations in New Zealand

J. H. Kerry-Nicholls

The Mission to Siam, and Hué the Capital of Cochin China, in the Years 1821-2

Finlayson George

The Mediterranean: Its Storied Cities and Venerable Ruins

Griffiths Arthur

Stanley in Africa

Boyd James Penny

The Genius of Scotland; or, Sketches of Scottish Scenery, Literature and Religion

Robert Turnbull

Tent Work in Palestine: A Record of Discovery and Adventure

C. R. Conder

Six Months at the Cape

R. M. Ballantyne

Athens: Its Rise and Fall, Complete

Эдвард Бульвер-Литтон

The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction. Volume 20, No. 565, September 8, 1832


A Book of Dartmoor

Baring-Gould Sabine