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Здесь находятся книги, которые больше всего похожи на выбранную вами.
В похожести учитывается большое количество факторов - стиль автора, мнения других читателей, тематика, окружение, главные герои, жанр книги и многое другое.

Me and My Brothers

Robin Mcgibbon

Whatever Happened to Billy Parks

Gareth Roberts

From Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You Pearl Harbor

Jerry Della Femina

Rolling with the 6.57 Crew - The True Story of Pompey's Legendary Football Fans

Cass Pennant

Stiletto (English)

Karin Eloff

Sex & Bowls & Rock and Roll: How I Swapped My Rock Dreams for Village Greens

Alex Marsh

Sour: My Story: A troubled girl from a broken home. The Brixton gang she nearly died for. The baby she fought to live for.

Tracey Miller

Roy Shaw Unleashed - He's a one man killing machine. This is his story by those who know him best

Roy Shaw

The Light’s On At Signpost

George Fraser MacDonald

Lost in France: The Story of England's 1998 World Cup Campaign

Mark Palmer

Confessions of an Undercover Cop

Ash Cameron

Tony Wilson - You're Entitled to an Opinion But. . .

David Nolan

The Light’s On At Signpost

George MacDonald Fraser

I Will Find You: In Search of the Man Who Raped Me

Joanna Connors

The Confessions Series

Ash Cameron

Behind the Mask: Enter a World Where Women Make - and Break - the Rules

Emma Sayle

Shaman's Dream: The Modoc War

Lu Boone's Mattson

The Polio Hole

Shelley JD Mickle