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Forge Work

William L. Ilgen

Steel Traps

A. R. Harding

The Philosophy of the Practical: Economic and Ethic

Benedetto Croce

The Art and Practice of Hawking

E. B. Michell

Jacquard Weaving and Designing

T. F. Bell

A Treatise on Physiology and Hygiene

Joseph C. Hutchison

Papers on Health

John George Kirk

Spices, Their Histories: Valuable Information for Grocers

Robert O. Fielding

The Theory and Practice of Archery

W. Butt

Gardening Indoors and Under Glass

F. F. Rockwell

Palmistry for All


Practical Taxidermy

Montagu Browne

The Boot and Shoe Manufacturers' Assistant and Guide


The Four Epochs of Woman's Life; A Study in Hygiene

Anna M. Galbraith

Getting Gold: A Practical Treatise for Prospectors, Miners and Students

J. C. F. Johnson

A Manual of the Hand Lathe

Egbert P. Watson

Welcome to Japanese

Kenneth G. Henshall

Carpentry for Boys

James Slough Zerbe